One of ELT’s earliest works and our undoubted highlights – a dream of a Qatari boy in a breathtaking, mesmerizing teaser of FIFA World Cup 2022.     Initially, the main melody quickly became our jumping-off point for rolling out the whole sonic storytelling. Although, the question of an instrument’s choice turned out to be even tougher than generating the music core itself. At last, we came out with the most signature yet universal solution we could ever imagine – the cello and arabic-sounding plucks. 


World music may bring tricky challenges to sound production, especially when it comes to chasing a distinguishing timbre (or timbres) of Middle East. That’s why the choice of percussion and drum section sounds deserved the most careful attention in this case. Switching between 3/4 and 4/4 rhythms helped to maintain progression and dynamics.



Besides the 2022 video teaser, Even Like This designed Qatar’s sonic world at a special ‘Qatar Majlis’ event, which was held during the World Cup-2018 in Moscow’s Gorky Park. The multimedia installation ‘Qatar Elements’ depicted the successor host of the mundial through the prism of contemporary art. The challenge was to find a perfect balance between traditional Arabic sounding and modern minimalistic flow. Result – deep ‘almost-drum-and-bass’ rhythmics accompanied with authentic percussion and flute tones.